directed by M. Herchenröder & U. Exner

The HTS, a "monster on long legs", has turned the city's users into "mileage eaters". A mileage guzzler is a car driver who wants to cover the greatest possible distances in the least amount of time. The smaller the time required for the distance to be covered, the greater the loss of the latitude dimension. Here the term width dimension describes a physical quantity that cancels out any spatial perception at increasing speed. This mileage-guzzler has become blind to the urban spaces that surround it.

With the project theme "LOST PLACES" in Urban Space, these areas were analyzed and documented in the context of the HTS according to their possible potentials beyond the prevailing value economy. The occupation with "the blind spot" within the urban building landscape should lead to a site-specific and interdisciplinary performance of light and sound.In their first approaches to the site, the students have been accompanied by a wide variety of moods and impressions. The spatial acoustic and visual reception differentiates the contextual experiences, which is important for the artistic, architectural work. The extremely different uses below and above the elevated road were also addressed - speed and standstill.