Design Studio - Postgraduate Master Students at SAC

This project takes its cues from contemporary discourse on repurposing ’the real’ as well as from historical examples of repurposing in art and architecture, such as the found object, adhocism, and spolia. A set of objects according to certain criteria are selected and curated. These object form the stock/raw material for the design work.

The selected objects are grouped into architectural massing following typical as well as atypical means of assembly, such as post-lintel, stacking, and puzzling. Afterwards photogrammetry scanning is used to digitalize the final composition.

Studying the couplings of objects in digital models and drawings, both with regards to adjacencies of objects of sometimes wildly different kinds, and with regards to the actual means of connection. In terms of representation, the project investigates how photogrammetry may be used to capture geometry, color and texture of existing, unique objects for the purposes of using them as a basis to create new designs.

The work produced with this project expands that register by channeling properties such as color, texture and materiality into drawings. By playing with lighting, painting and postproduction of meshes and image maps during the process of photogrammetry, the project explores how the properties of the original objects are altered as they shift between mediums.